Oats and Health

Intake of oat β-glucan is linked to two specific physiological responses: 1) a small reduction of serum cholesterol levels in people with elevated cholesterol levels and 2) an attenuation of postprandial glycaemic response. For more information on the cholesterol-lowering effect is available here and on the glycaemia response here. Regarding the cholesterol lowering effect US The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the health claim on the relationship between beta-glucan and reduced risk of coronary heart disease (see the text here). In the EU, EFSA is currently reviewing the status of the health claims. Progress of this work can be followed from the EFSA’s Register of Questions.

In addition to cholesterol lowering and glycemic response effect there is data available on the immunostimulation properties of oats and effect of oats on the gut health.

Unlike wheat, rye and barely, oat products are tolerated by the celiac patients. More information is available here.