Doctoral Theses

Flander, Laura, 2012 (VTT / University of Helsinki, Finland): "Bioprocessing to improve oat bread quality"

Mikkelsen, Mette Skau, 2012 (University of Copenhagen, Denmark): "Comparison of functional and nutritional characteristics of barley and oat mixed linkage β-glucans"

Kivelä, Reetta, 2011 (University of Helsinki, Finland): "Non-enzymatic Degradation of (1-3)(1-4)-β-D-glucan in Aqueous Processing of Oats"

Immerstrand, Tina, 2010 (Lund University, Sweden): "Cholesterol-lowering properties of oats: Effects of processing and the role of oat components"

Christensen, Niels Johan, 2009 (University of Copenhagen, Denmark): "Molecular structure and functionality of health promoting molecules in food - with emphasis on beta-glucan"

Skoglund, Maria, 2008 (Faculty of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences, SLU, Sweden): "Phenolic compounds in oats: Effects of steeping, germination and related enzymes"
Link: (PDF, Full text)

Zhang, Huanmei, 2007 (Lund University, Sweden):
"Nutritional properties of liquid oats as affected by processing and storage"
Link: (Abstract in English)

Gates, Fred, 2007 (University of Helsinki):
"Role of heat treatment in the processing and quality of oat flakes"
Link: (PDF, Full text)

Lyly, Marika, 2006 (VTT / University of Helsinki, Finland):
"Added ß-glucan as a source of fibre for consumers"
Link: (PDF, Full text)

Lambo, Adele, 2006 (Lund University, Sweden):
"Dietary fibre in fermented oats and barley"

Link: (Abstract in English)

Johansson, Liisa, 2006 (University of Helsinki):
"Structural analyses of (1→3),(1→4)-β-D-glucan of oats and barley"
Link: (PDF, Full text)

Lehtinen, Pekka, 2003 (TKK, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland):
"Reactivity of lipids during cereal processing".
Link: (PDF, Full text)

Heiniö, Raija-Liisa, 2003 (VTT / University of Helsinki, Finland):
"Influence of processing on the flavour formation of oat and rye"
Link: (PDF, Full text)

Mårtensson, Olof, 2002 (Lund University, Sweden):
"Lactic acid bacteria fermentation in oat-based suspensions"
Link: (PDF, Full text)

Bryngelsson, Susanne, 2002 (Acta Universitatis Agriculturae Sueciae, Agraria 347, SLU, Sweden):
"Oat antioxidants- with emphasis on avenanthramides: Tissue distribution and effects of processing"

Mannerstedt-Fogelfors, Birgitta, 2001 (Acta Universitatis Agriculturae Sueciae, Agraria 271, SLU, Sweden):
"Antioxidants and lipids in oat cultivars as affected by environmental factors"

Mikola Markku, 2001 (University of Helsinki):
"Electrophoretic studies on endoproteinase of oat grain"
Link: (PDF, Full text)

Kemppainen, Tarja, 1997 (University of Kuopio, Finland):
"Oat meal as a component of a gluten-free diet, nutrient intakes, nutritional status and osteopenia in coelic patients"
Link: (Abstract in Finnish).

Marklinder, Ingela, 1996 (Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis, Sweden):
"Lactic acid-fermented oats and barley for human dietary use- with special reference to Lactobacillus spp. and the nutritional and sensory properties"


Larsson, Marie, 1994 (Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden):
"Bioprocessing of oats influence on phytate hydrolysis and mineral bioavailability"


Liukkonen, Kirsi, 1994 (TKK, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland):
"Improvement of lipid stability in aqueous processing of oats".