Ongoing research projects related to whole grain:

BioFunCarb (2009-2012)

Aarhus University, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences is coordinating a four year research project (1 January 2009 - 31 December 2012) entitled ‘BioFunCarb – Biofuntional Carbohydrates’

The project is a joint project between Aarhus University, Department of Animal Health and Bioscience, Aarhus University Hospital, University of Copenhagen, Department of Food Science, and three private companies working with cereals and refining starch and fibre products.

The project is funded by is funded by the Danish Council for Strategic Research ,Programme Commission on Health, Food and Welfare.

THE OVERALL OBJECTIVE is to identify biofunctional carbohydrates that slow the rate of starch digestion either because of the properties of the starch itself or the physical presence of interfering polysaccharides.

The AIM is to create products with a lower glycemic (GI) and insulinemic index (II) than whole white wheat bread and have a positive impact on clinical glycemic parameters.

In the project we will:

  • Characterise enzymatically modified starch,b-D-glucan and arabinoxylan (AX) fractions
  • Study in vitro and in vivo digestion characteristics and metabolic response measured in animal models
  • Perform acute and long term intervention studies in human subjects with mild type 2 diabetes (T2DM)
  • Measure metabolic pathways of importance to glucose homeostasis



Carbohydrates, food quality and health

Financed from a research levy as one of Matforsk 9 strategic programs

Main Objective

Understand the effects of carbohydrate level, structure and chemical properties in raw materials and processed foods on health, for improved technological properties and end use quality.


Health promoting compounds in barley and oat (OATBAR)

Financed by the industry and Norwegian research council

Main Objective

Document effects of processing (fractionation, other relevant processing) of cereal grains on health promoting compounds of barley and oat, with emphasis on antioxidants and prebiotics.
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Added value products from barley (ADDBAR)

Financed by Norwegian research council

Main objective

Exploit the functional properties and health benefits of barley by advanced
analytical techniques, and develop processing methods that retain and promote beneficial properties.